December 31, 2022
2022 marks the ninth year I’ve had my own apps on the App Store. I first started developing apps in my final year of high school as an alternative to studying; I’d create quiz apps for my classes and upload them to the App Store. I made no money from those apps, and they’re not available anymore, but that’s where my passion for indie app development was born. Fast forward to 2022 and an eventful ... [Read More]
December 22, 2022
Around this time last year, I sat down and thought about ways to get my apps on more devices. At that time, I had noticed that several members of the iOS community that I follow on social media had taken part in Indie App Santa , which is essentially an advent calendar for discounted (and free) apps. Throughout the month, I downloaded several of these apps, both as a user (I’m always on the looko... [Read More]
December 19, 2022
Welcome to Roddy’s Indie Dev Diaries! My name is Roddy Munro and I’m an indie app developer, focused on iOS and macOS. Join me on a mission to create innovative and user-friendly apps that solve real-world problems.. I'll be sharing updates on my current projects, as well as insights and lessons learned from my experiences as an indie developer. I'll also be sharing tips and resources for anyone... [Read More]
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