February 14, 2024
As an app developer actively working on multiple projects, I’ve found that it’s necessary to identify areas to improve my efficiency. I’ve spent the first weeks of the year focusing on streamlining my processes and reducing repetitive tasks to better focus my time. One of the outcomes of this effort is AppDecoKit. , an internal Swift Package created to optimise development across my suite of apps.... [Read More]
January 15, 2024
It's been roughly 10 years since I first opened Xcode and considered making apps for iPhone. Back then I was in my final year of Sixth Form, studying for exams and preparing to begin the next phase of my life at university. I didn't really know where to start - there was no "100 days of Objective-C" back then - but what I did find was a handful of helpful videos on YouTube. My first apps were qu... [Read More]
November 25, 2023
It’s been an interesting few months for sure! I spent the best part of eight weeks balancing travel and working remotely. My wife and I headed out to New Zealand towards the end of September, followed by Australia, Bali, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. This was a trip that we’d been wanting to do for several years, but numerous obstacles meant it wasn’t possible until recently. I’d never been ... [Read More]
August 5, 2023
July was supposed to be about me getting my head down and working on preparing my apps for iOS 17. While that did happen, there were a few surprises along the way that turned July in to a month to remember. Before diving in to the factors that made it such a successful month, I wanted to highlight some of the numbers to really show why the month of July was so good: CA$775 in total proceeds (up ... [Read More]
July 3, 2023
What are summers for? Growing up, it was all about finishing the school year, family vacations, and eating a copious amount of ice cream. Today? Not much has changed, other than no longer being in school. Nowadays my summers are focused on preparing for Apple’s next round of software updates that are typically made available in the fall. Summer begins with WWDC, where some of us (like me) are pr... [Read More]
June 4, 2023
After two-and-a-half months of development, I launched Söka to the App Store! In this post, I’ll share more about what I did in the run up to launch, and what I’d do differently next time. I’ll also share details about Söka’s launch week discount, so read on to find out more! For those who aren’t aware, Söka is essentially a bucket list app. Users can create their bucket lists, add any kind of go... [Read More]
May 3, 2023
These past few days, I had the privilege of attending my first in-person iOS developer conference in Chicago. Deep Dish Swift is the brainchild of Josh Holtz , the lead maintainer of Fastlane and developer of iOS and Android SDKs at RevenueCat. With a stellar lineup of speakers, there was no doubt in my mind that this event would be one to remember! While the conference had sessions ranging from ... [Read More]
March 4, 2023
As an indie developer, you are often responsible for every aspect of your app. Project management, design, development, marketing, customer support, and more. But if you’re like me, design and development are the only enjoyable parts! In this post, I’ll share some of the tools that I’ve been using to assist me with those not-so-fun tasks. ChatGPT. Okay, everybody and their cat has been talking a... [Read More]
February 7, 2023
My indie journey in 2023 has started strong. In January I pushed out two updates for Ceramispace, both of which were packed full of features. These were features that I believe will take Ceramispace up another level, reaffirming my belief that it is an essential tool for all ceramists of any skill level. And just last week, I began working on Classifier version 3 (which I touched on in my last p... [Read More]
January 8, 2023
It’s important to set goals for yourself. You can use them to keep yourself accountable, and to measure success further down the line. If you read my previous post , you’ll know that my 2022 was a record-breaking year for my indie development career. However, I can’t just put my feet up and chill! I’ve got to keep iterating on my existing apps (and maybe release more?!) to keep the momentum going... [Read More]
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